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British Abroad, British Islands : Classification : Journals / Diaries

Private diaries and journals provide an insight in to the lives of the author and those close to them.

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Classification:Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists, Migrant / Emmigration Lists and Records, Other Records, Journals / Diaries
Title:Archives - Libraries and Archives of Canada
Description:Libraries and Archives of Canada
Extra Info:Includes passenger lists from Liverpool, Southampton, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin to Canada, immigrant diaries, naturalisations, British Home children and more.
Classification:Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Other Records, Journals / Diaries
Title:Archives of Trent University, Canada
Description:Trent University, Canada, Archives
Extra Info:Searchable archives for historic materials generally relating to Peterborough and the surrounding counties of Victoria, Haliburton, Hastings, Northumberland and Durham in Canada. Includes many born in the UK and Ireland.
Classification:Other Records, Journals / Diaries
Title:British Community in Brazil the 19th Century
Description:British Community in the 19th Century - Bahia, Brazil
Extra Info:A downloadable paper about the British wholesale merchants in Brazil. Includes details of the everyday life. Scroll down to 2002 and paper CBS-32-2002.
Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, School / Educational Records / Alumni, Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists, Associations and Civil Officials Lists, Military Lists, Muster Rolls etc., Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Other Records, Photographs / Pictures, Journals / Diaries
Title:Families in British India Society
Description:Families in British India Society
Extra Info:The Fibis database and FIbiWiki sections appear to contain most of the information.
Classification:Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists, Photographs / Pictures, Journals / Diaries
Title:Gjenvick Archives
Description:Gjenvick Archives
Extra Info:A large private collecton of historical documents from the 1800s through 1954 with emphasis on Steamship and Ocean Liner documents, photographs and passenger lists.
Classification:Journals / Diaries
Title:Memoirs of Sarah Speedy
Description:Memoirs of Sarah Speedy
Extra Info:Born near Waterloo into a British army officer's family, the authoress accompanied her parents and later her husband on military tours of duty to India and beyond. This is her story of her travels and family life.

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