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British Abroad, British Islands : Classification : Companies / Employee and Union Lists

Employee records help tell how our ancestors earned a living. Many old registers have been scanned and are now online to be viewed and searched.

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Classification:Companies / Employee and Union Lists
Title:Anglo Burmese Library
Description:The Anglo Burmese Library
Extra Info:Includes employee lists of the Burmah Oil Company and the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Information on the Burma railways appears to be for members only.
Classification:Companies / Employee and Union Lists
Title:East India Company Register and Army List 1845
Description:East India Company Register and Army List 1845
Extra Info:Online book. Many occupations within the East India Company listed.
Classification:Associations and Civil Officials Lists, Companies / Employee and Union Lists, Military Lists, Muster Rolls etc.
Title:Genes Reunited : Search Indian records
Link:Genes Reunited : Search Indian records
Description:Search Indian Records 1793 and 1933
Extra Info:East India Company pensions, Bengal Civil Service Gradation, East India Register, Indian Army and Civil Service.
Classification:Companies / Employee and Union Lists, Other Records
Title:The Honourable East India Company
Description:Finding East India Company Ancestors
Extra Info:This is a copy of a site that is no longer active. May take a few moments to load, but most information still seems to be available. Collected from various publications.
Classification:Poll / Electoral / Voters Registers, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Companies / Employee and Union Lists, Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Poor Rate, Other Records
Title:The Society of Genealogists (SOG)
Description:The Society of Genealogists (SOG)
Extra Info:Can search for a surname for free, however a membership is required to access the detailed information. Click Search to see a list of the data online.

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