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England, England : Classification : Religious Lists / Records

Religious lists vary in their content, from listing clergy through to listing Confirmations.

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Classification:Religious Lists / Records
Title:Catholic Family History
Description:The Margaret Higgins Database of Catholics in England and their Friends 1607-1840
Extra Info:See if your ancestors were recusant Catholics using a downloadable PDF or spreadsheet.
Classification:Religious Lists / Records
Title:Clergy of the Church of England Database
Description:Clergy of the Church of England Database
Extra Info:Searchable database by name or location, also lists source documents and for some lists their education.
Classification:Newspapers, Religious Lists / Records, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Other Records, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Connected Histories
Description:British History Sources, 1500-1900
Extra Info:From the Universities of London, Hertfordshire, and Sheffield. Burney collection of newspapers, British History Online, the Charles Booth Archive, Old Bailey Online and much more...
Classification:Religious Lists / Records
Title:English Catholic Nonjurors of 1715
Description:English Catholic Nonjurors of 1715
Extra Info:Online book. A summary of the register of their estates, with genealogical and other notes.
Classification:Religious Lists / Records
Title:Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
Description:Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Hearth / Window Tax, Religious Lists / Records, Information, Other Records
Title:Open Library
Description:Open Library - Scanned Books Online
Extra Info:Use the search facility and select e-books only. Some English trade directories, journals, historic accounts of counties and more.
Classification:Other Taxes - such as Horse Tax, Tithe Records, Religious Lists / Records
Title:Quaker Women's Petition, 1659
Link:Quaker Women's Petition, 1659 by Find My Past
Description:Quaker Women's Petition, 1659 by Find My Past
Extra Info:Over 7,000 women signed this anti-tithe petition in 1659, delivered to Parliament. Organized by the Society of Friends, or 'Quakers' not all signatories were followers of the faith, but all disagreed with the taxes imposed by the Church of England.
Classification:Religious Lists / Records
Title:The Churchwardens' Accounts of England and Wales
Description:The Churchwardens' Accounts of England and Wales
Classification:Religious Lists / Records, Occupations / Trades / Apprentices
Title:The Surman Index Online
Description:Biographical Card Index of Congregational Ministers

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