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England, England : Classification : Tithe Records

Tithes were originally payments in kind made to support the local parish church and its clergy. They were commuted in 1836, allowing payment by money. The Tithe Act 1936 abolished all tithe rent charges.

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Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Street Directories / Gazetteers / Maps, Post Office / Telephone Directories, Hearth / Window Tax, Land Tax / Lay Subsidy, Tithe Records, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records
Title:British History Online
Description:British History Online
Extra Info:A variety of records and documents relating to the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.
Classification:Tithe Records, Valuation Books, Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists
Title:FOY's genealogy
Description:FOY and FOYE in Ireland and England
Extra Info:This is an archived copy of a site that is no longer active. Most information still seems to be available.
Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Street Directories / Gazetteers / Maps, Tithe Records, Information
Title:Internet Archive
Description:Internet Archive
Extra Info:Has many scanned books. Click on texts and then search the archive. Note gazetteer and gazetteers give different results.
Classification:Other Taxes - such as Horse Tax, Tithe Records, Religious Lists / Records
Title:Quaker Women's Petition, 1659
Link:Quaker Women's Petition, 1659 by Find My Past
Description:Quaker Women's Petition, 1659 by Find My Past
Extra Info:Over 7,000 women signed this anti-tithe petition in 1659, delivered to Parliament. Organized by the Society of Friends, or 'Quakers' not all signatories were followers of the faith, but all disagreed with the taxes imposed by the Church of England.

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