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Ireland, Ireland : Classification : Photographs / Pictures

Photographs, old and new, help complete the picture of how our ancestors lived.

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Classification:Migrant / Emmigration Lists and Records, Photographs / Pictures
Title:1820 British Settlers to South Africa
Description:1820 British Settlers to South Africa
Extra Info:Information about the 1820 British settlers to South Africa, including transcribed letters, photographs and pictures of some of the settlers and a forum.
Classification:Information, Photographs / Pictures
Title:British Pathe Film Archive
Description:British Pathe Film Archive 1896-1970
Extra Info:All sorts of social history on film as well as royal visits, wing walkers, early pictures of heathrow, swimming galas and much more.
Classification:Newspapers, Religious Lists / Records, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Other Records, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Connected Histories
Description:British History Sources, 1500-1900
Extra Info:From the Universities of London, Hertfordshire, and Sheffield. Burney collection of newspapers, British History Online, the Charles Booth Archive, Old Bailey Online and much more...
Classification:Street Directories / Gazetteers / Maps, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Cork Past and Present
Description:Cork Past and Present
Extra Info:An archived copy of a site that is not currently available, most information still seems to be available to view. Includes maps and images from the area.
Classification:Street Directories / Gazetteers / Maps, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Defence Forces Ireland
Description:Military Archives Irleand
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Title:Genealogy Photo Archive
Description:Free Genealogy and Family History Photo Archive
Extra Info:Free genealogy family history photo search by surname.
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Title:Getty Images
Extra Info:Many Photographs easy to search. For example images of Welsh Chapels, workhouse, Sunday school. Lots of modern and historic images.
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Description:Historypin Connecting communities with local history
Extra Info:Historypin is a place for people to share photos and stories, telling the histories of their local communities.
Classification:Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Other Records, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Irish Genealogy
Description:Irish Genealogy
Classification:Photographs / Pictures, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Manners, J.E. Collection (photographic)
Description:Manners, J.E. Collection (photographic) at the Museum of Rural Life
Extra Info:Photographs and writings about rural crafts and other activities.
Classification:Migrant / Emmigration Lists and Records, Photographs / Pictures, Journals / Diaries
Title:Moving Here - 200 years of Migration to England
Description:Moving Here - 200 years of Migration to England
Extra Info:This is an archived copy of a site that is no longer active. Most information and photographs still seem to be available.
Classification:Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Photographs / Pictures, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:National Fairground and Circus Archive
Description:Collections at the National Fairground and Circus Archive
Extra Info:The NFCA collection is one of the leading repositories in the world for material relating to all aspects of travelling popular entertainment. The Archive holds 150,000 photographic images, 4,000 books and journals and over 20,000 items of ephemera.
Classification:Newspapers, Tithe Records, Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists, Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Other Records, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Northern Ireland Data from Ancestry
Link:Northern Ireland Data from Ancestry
Description:Northern Ireland Data Collection from Ancestry
Extra Info:Includes Emigration Lists, 1833-1839; Passenger Lists, 1803-1806; Tithe Applotment Books, 1824-1837; Famine Relief Commission Papers, 1844-1847 (Free); and more...
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Title:Old UK Photographs
Description:Old UK Photographs
Extra Info:An archived copy of a site that is no longer active. Most photographs are still available to view. Lots of old photographs of interesting locations around the UK, many are taken from old postcards.
Classification:Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists, Photographs / Pictures
Title:P & O Heritage and Archives
Description:P & O Heritage and Archives
Extra Info:Includes British India Steam Navigation Company, the Orient Line and other companies absorbed into P&O. The archive contains photographs, ephemera, fact sheets on the individual ships, with the shipbuilders' details and more.
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Title:Rare Historical Photos
Description:Rare Historical Photos
Extra Info:A website exclusively dedicated to historical and rare photographs
Classification:Information, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Science and Society Picture Library
Description:Science and Society Picture Library
Extra Info:Over 50,000 images from buildings, such as textile mills, to pictures of historical fire engines.
Classification:Information, Companies / Employee and Union Lists, Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Photographs / Pictures, Journals / Diaries
Title:The Bevin Boys Association - The Official site founded 1989
Description:The Bevin Boys Association - Archives and Information
Classification:Institutions / Workhouses / Hospitals etc., School / Educational Records / Alumni, Photographs / Pictures
Title:The Children's Homes Website
Description:The Children's Homes Website
Extra Info:The Children's Homes website aims to provide information on all the many and varied institutions that became home for thousands of children and young people in Britain. Also USA, Canada, Jamaica and Australia.
Classification:Newspapers, Photographs / Pictures
Title:The Irish Famine 1845-51
Description:The Irish Famine 1845-51
Extra Info:Many articles related to the famine, as well as a journey to Skibbereen during the famine.
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Title:Views Of Ireland
Link:Views Of Ireland by Find My Past
Description:Views Of Ireland by Find My Past
Extra Info:Images were taken during the 19th century but primarily in the 1890s.
Classification:Photographs / Pictures
Title:Waymarking - Interesting Locations
Description:Waymarking - Interesting Locations
Extra Info:Pictures of all types of interesting places and features including prisons, churches, pubs, schools and more. Easy to search.

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