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Monaghan, Ireland : Classification : Newspapers

Newspaper reports provide an insight into the lives and events that our ancestors experienced.

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Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Newspapers, School / Educational Records / Alumni, Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists, Poll / Electoral / Voters Registers, Religious Lists / Records, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Military Lists, Muster Rolls etc., Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Other Records
Title:BREW One Name Study
Description:BREW One Name Study
Title:British Newspaper Archive
Description:Explore over 200 years of history - British Newspaper Archive
Extra Info:Access also available via selected subscriptions to Find My Past and Genes Reunited
Classification:Newspapers, Religious Lists / Records, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Other Records, Photographs / Pictures
Title:Connected Histories
Description:British History Sources, 1500-1900
Extra Info:From the Universities of London, Hertfordshire, and Sheffield. Burney collection of newspapers, British History Online, the Charles Booth Archive, Old Bailey Online and much more...
Classification:Street Directories / Gazetteers / Maps, Newspapers
Title:Eddies Extracts
Description:Eddies Extracts
Extra Info:Includes transcriptions from various newspapers but also various news stories, book extracts, church records, records of deceased seamen and the names of over 25,000 Presbyterians who served in WW1.
Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Newspapers, Valuation Books, Prisoner / Trial / Conviction / Court Records, Military Lists, Muster Rolls etc., Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Other Records
Title:Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive
Description:Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive
Extra Info:Includes some lists of landowners, some court extracts, trade directory extracts, newspaper extracts, Royal Irish Constabulary lists and more.
Title:Ireland's Old Newspaper Extracts
Description:Ireland's Old Newspaper Extracts - Selected News from Around Ireland
Extra Info:Easy to use search. Some newspaper transcripts from as far back as the 1700's.
Title:Irish Newspaper Archives Online
Description:Irish Newspaper Archives Online
Extra Info:Free to search, but subscription needed to view full articles. Some date back as far as the 1700's.
Title:London Times
Description:Search the London Times from 1785 to 1884
Classification:Newspapers, Other Taxes - such as Horse Tax, Occupations / Trades / Apprentices
Title:MILLIKEN, MILLIGAN and Related Surnames
Description:MILLIKEN, MILLIGAN and Related Surnames Genealogical Research
Extra Info:Surnames of Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mulliken, Mullikin, and Mulligan etc.
Title:Newspapers Online via Google
Description:Newspapers Online via Google
Extra Info:Many newspapers are being put online. Currently there are only a handful from the UK and Ireland, but this is growing. Many newspapers from USA and Canada that could help with ancestors who emigrated.
Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Post Office / Telephone Directories, Newspapers
Title:Newspapers, Directories & Social History
Description:Find My Past's Newspapers, Directories & Social History
Extra Info:Directories contains a wealth of directories and almanacs which not only contain more than 2 million names but also give you a real feel for the places and times they lived in.
Classification:Newspapers, Photographs / Pictures
Title:The Irish Famine 1845-51
Description:The Irish Famine 1845-51
Extra Info:Many articles related to the famine, as well as a journey to Skibbereen during the famine.
Classification:Commercial / Trade Directories, Newspapers, Minute Books / Meeting Books, Other Records
Title:The Oddfellows Archive
Description:The Oddfellows Archive
Extra Info:Subscription site. The archive of the Oddfellows. Includes magazines, directories, minutes books and more. Searchable.
Classification:Newspapers, Occupations / Trades / Apprentices
Title:The Stage Archive
Description:The Stage Archive - 125 Years of Stage History and News
Extra Info:Now part of British Newspaper Archive. Click on 'Find Out More' for free quick search. The 170,000+ pages provide a rich and fascinating record of changing fortunes and fashion in the world of showbusiness. Subscription required for detailed information.
Title:United Kingdom Newspapers & News Media - ABYZ News Links
Description:Links to United Kingdom Newspapers & News Media compiled by ABYZ News Links
Classification:Newspapers, Ships Passenger / Crew / Owners Lists
Title:Western Australia Family History
Description:Western Australia Family History
Extra Info:Click Resouces, Datasets, Public Access. Includes shipping arrivals from early newspapers and more. For access to some of the indexes and databases you will need to be a member of the society.
Classification:Street Directories / Gazetteers / Maps, Newspapers, Other Records
Title:GENUKI County Page for Monaghan
Description:General Information for Monaghan

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