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Scotland, Scotland : Classification : Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk

Records for Travellers, Romany and Canal folk can be difficult to trace due to the inherent nature of this lifestyle. These records may cover barge workers and other itinerant workers too.

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Classification:Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Circus Historical Society
Description:Circus Historical Society - 250 years of circus.
Extra Info:A major resource for the history of the circus, although it mainly covers the US.
Classification:Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Gypsy, Traveller and Roma Collections
Description:Gypsy, Traveller and Roma Collections held by the University of Leeds
Classification:Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society
Description:Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society held b ythe Hathi Trust
Classification:Photographs / Pictures, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Manners, J.E. Collection (photographic)
Description:Manners, J.E. Collection (photographic) at the Museum of Rural Life
Extra Info:Photographs and writings about rural crafts and other activities.
Classification:Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Photographs / Pictures, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:National Fairground and Circus Archive
Description:Collections at the National Fairground and Circus Archive
Extra Info:The NFCA collection is one of the leading repositories in the world for material relating to all aspects of travelling popular entertainment. The Archive holds 150,000 photographic images, 4,000 books and journals and over 20,000 items of ephemera.
Classification:Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Robert Dawson Romany History Collection
Description:Robert Dawson Romany History Collection at the Museum of English Rural Life
Extra Info:The collection consists of papers relating to Gypsies and Travellers including research and writings by Dawson, sheet music, and illustrative material.
Classification:Occupations / Trades / Apprentices, Other Records, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:The Free Encyclopedia of the International Circus
Description:A unique ongoing historical archive of the art form of the circus and its development over the past 250 years of its history.
Classification:Information, Photographs / Pictures, Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:The Scottish Gypsies
Description:The Scottish Gypsies
Extra Info:An archived copy of a site that is no longer active. Most information still seems to be available.
Classification:Travellers / Romany / Canal Folk
Title:Travellers' Times
Description:Travellers' Times
Extra Info:See the Heritage section

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